Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Crossing the Snake River - Section 3: Interpreting Algebraic Expressions Pre-Assessment


Some common themes appeared in my students’ Interpreting Expressions Pre-Assessment.  Most of them performed fairly well until confronted with problems that had a square.  I have included three examples with some interesting errors.  The first example typified student answers for problem number one.  All were correct with except for the expression for “multiply n by 3 and then square the result “.  Many of my students left off parenthesis which tells me that we will need to discuss the place of exponents in order of operations.  This student struggled with identifying equivalent fractions in the second question although I like that they solved them like equations to prove it or not even though the work was incorrect.

The second paper is an example of many of the best papers that I received.  The only issue with this paper is the final problem of (x+3)2 = x2 + 32 = x2 + 9 which all but a few of my students missed.  Double distribution is definitely something that I will need to address.  A visual model is the best way to address this common misconception.

The final paper included a root rather than a square for the problem “multiply n by 3 and then square the result “.  This is a simple but important issue that I will address during the Interpreting Algebraic Expressions Lesson by focusing on the portions of the lesson that deal with double distribution.  We will also be discussing this in the Polynomial Unit.

  Diverse Entry Points: Pre-Assessment Reflection
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Crossing the Snake River

Unit 1: Modeling with Expressions and Equations
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Objective: Students will be able to communicate and experiment in an effort to solve a critical thinking problem.

Big Idea: Establish a classroom atmosphere of perseverance and communication.

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