Reflection: Checks for Understanding Propofol on Trial: The Connection between GABA Impact on the Brain and a Super Star's Demise! - Section 4: Extend


      While I could have opted to use a traditional rubric to asses student poster products for this activity, I thought that it might be interesting and more meaningful for students to discover if their inquiries in the W entry of the KWL chart had been addressed. As such, I examined students questions and aligned them with their arguments (which represented the L) and checked off the items that had been argued/addressed well. This proved to be a valuable means of assessment, because students expressed that they rarely utilize work products to complete the chart in other classes and learned a lot about how they learn in the process. They found it refreshing and empowering (they were able to assess my effectiveness as a teacher as well) and requested to see how well their classmates did after discovering what they had and had not learned. This brought this organizational tool full circle for students and encouraged them to utilize the tool similarly in other classes. 

  Bringing KWL Full Circle!
  Checks for Understanding: Bringing KWL Full Circle!
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Propofol on Trial: The Connection between GABA Impact on the Brain and a Super Star's Demise!

Unit 6: Neurotransmitter Chemistry and Mechanism of Action!
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Objective: Students will construct a viable and scientific argument as a prosecutor or defense attorney to substantiate their claims surrounding the Michael Jackson death case.

Big Idea: GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that is regulated by anesthetics like Propofol. Students will decide who is responsible for the incorrect use of these medicines, the patient or the prescriber.

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