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My school has had an emphasis on active reading strategies for the past five years.  However, we often don't provide students with chances to practice in class.  Students are not allowed to mark in their textbook, and generally will not take notes from their textbook if assigned as homework.  Therefore, it is hard to use the text to assess how they are understanding what they are reading, and what they are focused on as the key aspects of the passage.

Students taking notes from PowerPoint are often mindless copiers, focused on getting ALL the information rather than processing and writing what is most important.  This is understandable, as PowerPoint is already presented generally as a summary of key points, so students want to get all the key points.

CK-12 is a nice resource, as their online readings come with embedded videos and animations.  However, online reading offers the same issue as the text, there is no opportunity for students to interact and annotate the text.  This is why I attempted printing it out.  Students were allowed to highlight or underline what they felt was important, and could use the computers to view the video clips if they chose to.

What students highlighted served as a quick formative assessment for me as I circulated the room, allowing me to scan to see if they caught the main ideas or if I needed to prompt them further.

These two students did a great job throughout the assignment, and needed very little assistance.

Although I did not require students to answer the summary/review questions, some did and let me see better what they gleaned from the readings.

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Investigating Nuclear Fusion

Unit 4: Nuclear Chemistry
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT explain the process of nuclear fusion, including where it occurs naturally through a guided investigation of nuclear fusion.

Big Idea: Nuclear fusion is the source of stars' energy and thus the ultimate source of all energy on Earth.

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nuclear fusion
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