Reflection: Student Ownership Warning Sign! - Section 4: Independent Practice: Making a Better Warning Sign


One of the best things from this lesson came about more or less spontaneously from a pair of students.  Having read a case about a link between pesticides and birth defects among children of farm workers, these two students pointed out that since the majority of workers exposed to pesticides are Latina/o, then an effective warning sign would need to be written in Spanish as well as English.

I think their work speaks for itself, but it is nice to see them bringing back a more integrated awareness of environmental justice issues.

  Student Ownership: Muy Peligroso
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Warning Sign!

Unit 7: Energy Resources
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: Students will be able to make a warning sign about an environmental toxin in order to warn people about its dangers.

Big Idea: Warning signs are most effective when they are memorable and difficult to ignore.

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