Reflection: Problem-based Approaches How Did This Happen? - Section 3: Wrap-up


It is important to remember to provide students with the time to make connections between what they learn in individual lessons and the bigger summative project.  When I first began teaching using a PBL format, I thought that students would do this automatically; however, I found that they do not have enough experience with this format to even recognize the need for this step.  Giving students the time to connect ideas to the project not only helps them remember why they are learning this content, but also helps them stay focused on the big picture and develop an outline/rough draft of the project as they acquire the necessary information.

  Connecting Learning To Final Project
  Problem-based Approaches: Connecting Learning To Final Project
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How Did This Happen?

Unit 10: Design a Resilient, Self-Sustaining Community
Lesson 8 of 11

Objective: SWBAT ask questions and determine answers that identifies the factors responsible for the rise in global temperatures.

Big Idea: We cannot change what we don't understand. Students work to understand the root causes for the global rise in temperatures.

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