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Feedback is one of the single most important things that I do to increase student learning. Feedback needs to be specific and individualized in order to be useful for students. When that occurs, great growth can occur. My school asked teachers to ask their students, "How does your teacher's feedback help you as a learner?".  Here are some things that my students said. For me, this is evidence that students want and appreciate the type of feedback system that I have developed in my classroom.  

Particularly relating to this lesson and the small group conferencing in the "Closure", I was especially drawn to the student that says, "If I didn't get feedback, I would probably just throw the paper into my folder and not look at it." We have all seen this happen.  You spend hours and hours writing thoughtful comments on student work only to see it shoved in a binder. Small group conferencing can not only save you precious time writing comments, but it is also more valuable to the student.

  The Importance of Feedback
  Student Feedback: The Importance of Feedback
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Airport Design Advice: Engineers Needed!

Unit 9: Weather
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to use their understanding of wind, breezes, and climate in order to solve a real world problem.

Big Idea: In an on demand writing assignment, students are asked to provide advice to JFK International Airport about runway design based on their understanding of wind and climate. Critical thinking and application found here!

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Science, weather forecasting, Weather and Atmospheric Science, climate, wind breezes, ocean, sun, middle school, wind, weather, Air Pressure, specific heat, breezes, cloud
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