Reflection: Pre-Tests Electric Fields - Section 2: Misconception Check: Charge Interactions


My students hate to hear the word "test," so I avoid using it whenever possible. I usually get a lot of moans and groans and the anxiety level raises two-fold each time I utter the word - even if it's in the context of a pre or post test. Misconception checks are really fun then, because they are really just pre-tests that are more palatable because they don't include the "T" word. I still get the benefit of gauging my students' prior knowledge and having meaningful discourse with them, but there is no anxiety or worry about a grade. 

  Misconception Checks = A Hidden Pre-Test
  Pre-Tests: Misconception Checks = A Hidden Pre-Test
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Electric Fields

Unit 9: Electrostatics & Electricity
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: Students will be able to identify and explore the qualitative and quantitative properties of electric fields.

Big Idea: After students define key components of electric fields, they virtually explore the properties of electric field with a computer simulation.

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