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In order to effectively review the concepts and topics within this large umbrella of "rational number operations" I needed to make sure students dug into their prior knowledge and re-familiarized themselves with the vocabulary. I've attached an alternate Rewind 1 which I used this year to achieve this goal. 

By reviewing the vocabulary with neighbors, students were able to prep themselves for any line of questioning I needed to give. If a student makes a mathematical error in any of these review sheets, my goal was to help them identify their mistake. I did this by pushing them through questioning. For example, if I asked, "what is the result when you combine or add two negative integers?", students need to be able to identify the definition for "integers". If they ask, "what does that word mean?", then I can point them in the direction of the 1st "Rewind". The goal is to arm them with strategies and to continuously remind them that they have all the answers, rather than seeing me as the only person with the answers. My end goal is to get students to believe that vocabulary is a crucial underlying aspect of MP1, persevering to solve problems. If you can't speak or understand the language, it is much harder to solve the problem. 

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Begin with Vocab
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Number Operations

Unit 8: Test Prep
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: SWBAT meet a mastery percentage goal to review number operations and prepare for the NY State test

Big Idea: Students practice multiple fluency and problem solving items and review number operations relevant to 7th grade math to kick off the test prep unit

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