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As I was putting this lesson together, I just kept hearing the voices of various people I work with asking me "why don't we just give students the maps and questions to answer to save some time?" which is probably a valid question.  While you might save time doing just that, you lose all of the connection to the real world.  Telling students that the maps they are looking at come from climate models pales in comparison to them actually witnessing all it takes to generate those maps.  Additionally, students who are interested can download the directions and continue to experiment with the EzGCM at home on their own computers now that they know the basics of how to operate the model.  For me, it is not about saving time, but investing time to make the science connection stronger for the students.

  Investing Time VS Saving Time
  High Expectations: Investing Time VS Saving Time
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Global Climate Models (Part 2)

Unit 10: Design a Resilient, Self-Sustaining Community
Lesson 5 of 11

Objective: SWBAT analyze data generated from a global climate model to make predictions about future climate.

Big Idea: Students gain a first hand experience using climate models to make predictions as they analyze and interpret data.

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