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In order for the engineering and building process to be successful, students need a chance to understand how the materials they are working with actually perform. It's one thing for students to draw a sketch of their idea, but it's another to actually build with materials.  

This section of the lesson provides them an opportunity to touch the materials, put them through various tests (do they bend? are they strong? will they support the weight of...?, etc.) in order to make better decisions and plans within their designs.  Engineering is about tests and revisions. This provides an initial opportunity for that step in the engineering process. 

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  Complex Tasks: Why exploring materials is important...
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Rube Goldberg Design Phase

Unit 6: Simple Machines
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: SWBAT design an initial plan for the machines based on the task: popping a balloon using at least 3 simple machines.

Big Idea: This is the first step in completing the Rube Goldberg Design Challenge.

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Science, SPED, machines, physics
  45 minutes
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