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Since I learned about formative assessment some years ago, I have been doing short cycle assessments- pretest and post test.  My students this year have really grabbed on to the idea that the initial test is just a snapshot for me to see where to start the planning.  They know that even though it doesn't "count" it does give us invaluable information and that if they "test out" of a concept they get to do above grade level work so they always give it their best shot.  

This assessment cycle was especially gratifying because cause and effect is such a hard concept for kids.  They got it!!  On the final assessment, there were no 1s (below grade level) and there were tons of 1s on the pretest!!  The lesson my students learned this time was that the hard work in the middle pays off in their achievement at the end!! This is a lesson I would like to instill in my students for a lifetime- hard work and effort increases achievement.  It's not a magic trick!!

  Reflection: They Improved!
  Qualitative Evaluations: Reflection: They Improved!
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The Final Piece of the Puzzle: Summative Assessment

Unit 5: Putting Together the Pieces - The Puzzle of Cause and Effect Relationships
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT identify and create examples of cause and effect relationships.

Big Idea: Learning about cause and effect text structure is necessary to understanding pieces of nonfiction text.

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English / Language Arts, cause and effect, assessment
  30 minutes
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