Reflection: ELL Students Graphing Inequalities (Vertical and Horizontal Boundaries) - Section 3: Generalization


The first time I ended a lesson asking students for written work, I really wasn't thinking about the possible language difficulties of some students in the class. I didn't realize that students may have serious difficulties writing, and some may actually not write anything at all if they are left to do the task on their own. 

A good way of dealing with this without eliminating the closure entirely, is to pair up students with language difficulties with others that don't have english problems. I would ask that they work together and submit one work with both their names on it. I would make sure that ELLs actually participate in the elaboration of the paragraphs by contributing their ideas, and the other student do the writing. 

  Considering ELL students
  ELL Students: Considering ELL students
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Graphing Inequalities (Vertical and Horizontal Boundaries)

Unit 3: Relationships between Quantities/Reasoning with Equations
Lesson 14 of 15

Objective: SWBAT graph inequalities with vertical and horizontal boundaries.

Big Idea: This lesson is actually a continuation of the Two Variable Inequality lesson. Again, the topic of inequalities is a great one for modeling with real world problems.

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Math, Inequalities (Algebra), Algebra, Graphing (Algebra), modeling, Expressions (Algebra), Real world problems, vertical, horizontal, feasible regions, inequality
  60 minutes
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