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We all have our beginning of the year goals, rules, routines, and consequences for breaking these. We also have our own ways of creating this document. But I thought I'd mention a couple of things I've learned to be critical for me. These are...

1. Your goals, rules and consequences document should be a live one. The particular class as well as individual characteristics will help add or dismiss items from this document.

2. I must be loyal to this document. Every item on it must be enforced from the beginning. If I do not continually enforce our agreements, or if I break my own rules, I will be defeating the purpose of the document. If this occurs, it will be extremely difficult to get the group "back on track". 

3. I always try to remember that each student in my class comes in with their own conflicts, their personal wars inside their heads. These may be small things to me, but to them they are huge. So I must be patient....very patient. 

4. I become acquainted with my ELLs from the start, making them feel welcomed and recognized. I also try spotting those students that seem to have struggled in math in the past and try to make these feel comfortable in my class, right from the start. 

  Important points from the beginning...
  Routines and Procedures: Important points from the beginning...
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Lies your calculators tell you

Unit 1: Number Sense
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Objective: SWBAT recognize and be more aware of unreasonable answers after making calculator mistakes.

Big Idea: Students need to use their calculators wisely and not blindly depend on them. (A lesson for the first days of school)

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