Reflection: Continuous Assessment What Is Energy Part 2 - Section 4: Potential Energy in Our Boats


The purpose of this lesson was to help students understand that energy is more than one thing. It is the energy that people say kids often have too much of, it is what travels through electric lines and lights the lights, it is a battery, but it is also wind, sound, heat and potential energy which are not as easily to understand.

Students experimented with a variety of different forms of energy over the past 2 days and I asked them questions about their experiences. At the end of the lesson I wanted students to tell me what they knew about energy. The discussion that we had let me gather information about student understanding.  When students talked about the different forms of energy that they had experimented with, I was able to see that they had an understanding that energy could be more than one thing and that potential energy was when something was at rest, but could hold energy that could be released when a force was applied.

Assessment does not have to be just paper and pencil. Often questions and discussions can provide a continuous form of assessment of student understanding.

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What Is Energy Part 2

Unit 7: Science and Our World
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT conduct experiments to enhance their understanding of energy

Big Idea: Energy can be found in many forms and students can identify these forms in a variety of simple experiments.

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