Reflection: Joy What Is Energy Part 1 - Section 3: The Experiments


Students  seem to enjoy the opportunity to experiment. They act happily when they can watch things happen, experiment with materials and figure things out. In this lesson students had the opportunity to experience several different types of energy. 

When I first explained the experiments they would be doing, students began raising hands, asking questions and participating in the discussion. They moved to their centers, and then from one center to the next, bubbling with excitement as things began to happen around them.

It was rewarding to see students be happy as they remained engaged in the activities in the room. If students are happily engaged, they are opening the doors to learning.

In discussions beyond today's lesson, students recalled the types of energy they had experimented with.

  Joy: Experimentation
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What Is Energy Part 1

Unit 7: Science and Our World
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: SWBAT define energy and think of several examples of energy use in their world

Big Idea: Energy is something that is in all things that we do. Students who can understand what energy is, can then think about how it is used.

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