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Asking and answering questions are obvious typical interactions inside the classroom. Yet when English Language Learners are present, like in my case, I must realize that simply asking and answering questions in search of one right answer may not always be appropriate with ELL students.  ELLs may not be able to verbalize an answer in the same manner as other students in the class. Because of this I must be careful and patient when asking questions to ELL students giving on the spot feedback and praise, more than just evaluating the student's response.

Feedback when asking questions should be all about clarification and elaboration of responses. Demonstrating this type of consideration and patience develops a safe cultural environment among ELL students in the class. The reason I say this is because too many times, I've called on an ELL student in the middle of a discusson, and then continue calling on other volunteers, only to hear the former student say..."that's what I said", which really is what he/she wanted to say. I just wasn't patient enough to allow the student to ellaborate and express his/her response. 

  Asking ELL students questions.
  ELL Students: Asking ELL students questions.
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Remember...the Properties of Powers

Unit 4: Powers and Exponents
Lesson 6 of 16

Objective: SWBAT recall power properties by testing special cases, following patterns, and writing the expressions in different ways.

Big Idea: Students often see properties of powers as independent rules to be memorized.This lesson is to dissuade students from memorizing without understanding.

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Math, Algebra, Simplifying Equations and Expressions, Exponents and Exponential Functions, 8th grade, powers, Exponents, property, exponent rules, patterns
  45 minutes
remember the props
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