Reflection: Checks for Understanding Weather Forecasting Online Activity - Section 6: Closure: Discussion Review


Formative assessment is one of the most powerful tools you have as a teacher to ensure that students are mastering the concepts that they need. This lesson provides students with a lot of time to work independently. The beauty of this lesson is that it is student driven. There is little direct teaching with a lot of learning occurring as students analyze graphs and find patterns to weather on their own. It will be key that you strategically assess students as they work. During this lesson, I am constantly checking in with individual students during the online activity and with groups during discussions. As I check in, I actually carry around a class list and make notes to myself about individual students that need more instruction. Because this lesson is self directed, I can circle back and check in with those students and multiple points during the lesson. Moreover, during the discussion portion of this activity note both students that seem hesitant with responding and those that you might hear say misconceptions. Then, during this closure, call on students that you haven't heard from or students that you gave feedback to due to a misconception. Then, the closure can be yet another opportunity for formative assessment. If during this closure, you only call on students that you already know have the correct answer, you are missing a valuable opportunity for an extra check for understanding.

While there is a worksheet/packet that students complete during the online activity, I find the best opportunity for feedback to students is not my comments on their actual paper. It's the formative feedback I give them throughout this lesson as I check in and ask them questions about their learning.  

  Build in Strategic Formative Assessment
  Checks for Understanding: Build in Strategic Formative Assessment
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Weather Forecasting Online Activity

Unit 9: Weather
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to analyze weather maps in order to make predictions about weather and climate.

Big Idea: Students analyze weather maps as they develop their own understanding of the relationships between air pressure and clouds, factors that influence climate, weather fonts and the jet stream!

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