Reflection: ELL Students In Linear Relationships - Section 1: Accessing Prior Knowledge


I work with a good deal of ELL students and even those not officially ELL may have difficulty with math text. Many of these students are not native english speakers. Therefore, I always need to consider this when preparing for any activity.

In this lesson, students will work with graphs, charts, equations, and phrases. So when index cards are being passed out, I discretely try to give my ELL students the cards that don't have text on them. This is just to "get the ball rollin". These students will have to be able to interpret written math expressions later, but for this particular APK and other similar tasks, I let my ELLs handle the problems that don't involve reading text. 

  Keep ELL students in mind for any activity
  ELL Students: Keep ELL students in mind for any activity
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In Linear Relationships

Unit 3: Relationships between Quantities/Reasoning with Equations
Lesson 3 of 15

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate an understanding of the relationships among, tables, equations, verbal expressions, and graphs of linear functions.

Big Idea: Students sometimes don’t see the big picture in reference to forms of linear relationships. They see tables, graphs, and equations as isolated tasks. Here, they will learn to make the connections.

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Math, Graphing (Algebra), Algebra, Expressions (Algebra), slope intercept form, linear equations, slopes, linear function
  65 minutes
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