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I have to admit that I have one object in the world that I really do not like.  It actually can make me hyperventilate with the most uncomfortable feelings....worms. I remember the exact moment in my childhood vividly.  I was six-years-old and I was in the garden with my mom.  We had just had one of those glorious spring rains and the soil was moist and happy.  

I had come home from school and was telling my mom about my day, while she was busily digging in the soil.  I was sitting on the grass by her side and when I leaned back, my hand unknowingly landed on the largest night crawler I had ever seen. I felt it move under my hand and it startled and scared me.  I jumped up startled and frightened. 

To this day, I cannot bring myself to look closely at or even touch a worm. They just make my stomach turn....For this reason, I struggle when I need to teach about worms in the classroom.  I can do it if I have to, but I would certainly prefer to avoid them.  

Silly as it is, it is part of me.  I tell the children my story and explain to them that my fears do not need to be theirs.  In fact, I explain how envious I am of their fearlessness and how I wish I could be brave and courageous like they are.  

I have discovered over the course of my years in teaching that when I admit that I have fears to my students, it is a good lesson in perseverance.  The students begin to share with me all the ways I can overcome my fears.  

While I know this isn't really part of a science lesson; it is still an incredibly valuable lesson for my students.  

  Why Not Use Real Worms?
  Joy: Why Not Use Real Worms?
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Quality or Quantity? Scientific Descriptions....

Unit 8: Unit 8 - Rain Forest
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Objective: SWBAT determine the difference between qualitative and quantitative language in science descriptions.

Big Idea: Learning to communicate effectively like a scientist can be so much easier when you have the right language tools in your toolbox. This lesson allows students to explore and play around with words that describe quality versus quantity.

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