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Many of my students have family members who have been impacted by heart disease and/or heart attack. While their lives have been impacted, the students do not have a solid understanding of what heart disease is and how it can be prevented.  

Students also have difficulty understanding that the diet and exercise choices they make today will impact them in the future. The use of this online interactive helps them see the real world application of what we are learning in class and enables them to make more informed decisions about their diet and exercise choices.

  Making Informed Decisions for the Future
  Real World Applications: Making Informed Decisions for the Future
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Heart Attack

Unit 6: Circulatory System
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT identify factors that can lead to heart attack and atherosclerosis as well as ways to reduce the likelihood of having a heart attack.

Big Idea: This lesson utilizes an online simulation to help students understand how heart attacks occur, what people can do to prevent them, and how stents are used.

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Science, Circulatory system, Blood, heart attack, heart, blood pressure
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heart attack
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