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This end of lesson evaluation serves two purposes: one for me to assess whether or not the students understand the motion and placement of molecules for each state of matter and the other is for the students to apply their newfound knowledge of the molecules.  

student sample A In this sample, it is obvious the student understands the placement of the molecules for liquids, solids and gases as all the molecules are displayed with the proper amount of spacing- liquids: close but not organized; solids: close and organized in lines; gases: far apart and random. 

 student sample B For this sample, the student understands that molecules can be represented by circles but, it's not quite clear he understands the shape/motion or placement of the them within the three states of matter. He could've benefited from having a container for the liquid drawn and a box for the solid.  This would provide a template in which he could draw the molecules in a more contained manner. 

  Students with Disabilities: Student Work Analysis
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Unit 7: States of Matter
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Objective: SWBAT understand that matter is made of molecules and molecules behave differently depending on the state of matter.

Big Idea: Molecule motion is imperative for understanding the basics of liquids, solids and gases and their transitions.

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