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If a student makes a mistake on a word problem, then VFW (Variables - Formula - Work) helps me to easily find their mistake. I tell my students that they will get partial credit if I can follow their thinking and find their mistake. Also, correct answer without VFW WILL NOT receive full credit! 

We have been using VFW all year, so students are comfortable working with this. The first example on this Wave Quiz Problems - Sample 1 is exemplary. The student lists out the variables, which is especially important for the Doppler problem. Most of the students list out the variables given in the word problem. They write the formulas without the variables and then show their work. This methodology helps students become organized problem solvers. I even have students come back to me years later and tell me how helpful VFW was to them in college.

For the Wave Quiz Problems - Sample 2, I can quickly assess that this student does not know how to identify the variables. This is a student who will receive extra support. 

On the Wave Quiz Problems - Sample 3, I am not sure if the student is confused about how to identify the variables of if they are just too lazy to bother. As a result, they made several mistakes in how they set up the problems.

  Qualitative Evaluations: Student Work
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Wave Quiz

Unit 5: Waves
Lesson 11 of 15

Objective: Students demonstrate their understanding of waves and sound with a summative assessment.

Big Idea: Waves have properties such as wavelength, frequency and speed and behaviors such as interference and the Doppler effect.

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