Reflection: Trust and Respect Unit 8 Review - Section 3: Elaborate Part I


For many students a little bit of friendly competition helps them learn; however, sometimes games backfire with students getting upset at each other and/or the teacher.  

Over the years I have found that the best way to have games in my classroom is to give all students a chance to answer each question.  When I used to try to go with whichever student raised their hand first, or to use beepers from games, it only led me to feeling like a referee.  By doing it this way each group has an equal chance.  It is important though to make sure to hold students accountable to holding up their boards right away when you say ,"3-2-1", otherwise they may be cheating, etc.

If you want to do a review activity like this without any competition involved you can use something this unit8 exam review whiteboards PowerPoint.  Notice how this is simply questions, so it can be used in a fashion similar to Partner Whiteboards where students have a chance to try the question with their partner, show you the work, and then if it is wrong to try again. 

  Trust and Respect: Friendly Competition
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Unit 8 Review

Unit 7: Unit 8: Water Quality
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Objective: Student will be able to explain various unit 8 concepts through playing a review game and doing a review study guide.

Big Idea: Acids, Bases, and other solutions have characteristic properties and there are both quantitative and qualitative ways to describe them.

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