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I especially like using the sickle cell anemia website because of its strong connection to our previous studies in genetics. Using this website helps students understand the purpose and benefit of Punnett squares and serves as a good review of the information studied in the genetics unit. The students were also very proud of themselves because they remembered how to complete the Punnett squares and determine percentages. I was proud of the fact that some of the students were so familiar with Punnett squares that they were able to determine percentages automatically without completing the square.

  Connecting Genetics and the Circulatory System
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Connecting Genetics and the Circulatory System
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Heart and Blood Disease - Flipped

Unit 6: Circulatory System
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT identify how blood types are determined and review the role that heredity plays in some blood related diseases.

Big Idea: Use this lesson to link genetics and the circulatory system while examining sickle cell anemia.

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Science, Genetics, Circulatory system, Blood, blood types, sickle cell anemia, heart, blood pressure
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