Reflection: Student, Student, What Do You See? - Section 3: Fun With Pattern Blocks


There are three things that I would like to reflect on for the Fun With Pattern Blocks activity.  

The first is the management of the activity.  When you watch the video titled Managing Fun With Blocks, you will see the importance of having enough pattern blocks.  By having a large amount of them, I can spread the kids out around the room and allow for each student to have a large workspace.

The second is the informal assessment that I was doing while students were engaged with this activity.  I wanted to circulate and find out who could cover the large image with pattern blocks (everyone could) and could students identify and use the correct mathematical name for the shapes they were using.  The video titled Assessing Shape Names_Got It is an example of a student who is secure with the vocabulary. The video titled Assessing Shape Names_Working On It is an example of someone who needs more exposure and use of the vocabulary.  This information will help me identify who I want to explicitly touch base with (on vocabulary) as the unit progresses.  

The third is engagement that this activity offers.  It is a great activity to kick off the geometry unit and the students are really drawn into this.  I often find, that the students who were struggling with the Algebra in the previous units, tend to excel with this geometry unit.  The videos Reflecting On Fun With Pattern Blocks 1&2 demonstrate how focused the students get with this activity.  They were not prompted or even told that I was going to film them.  

  Reflection On Fun With Pattern Blocks
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Student, Student, What Do You See?

Unit 9: Shapes Within Shapes
Lesson 1 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify shapes in their environment using the names of 2-D shapes. SWBAT cover an outlined area using pattern blocks.

Big Idea: Most bears are getting ready to hibernate this time of year. NOT IN MY ROOM! These little brown bears will be on the hunt for shapes they see.

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