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The Frayer model is a great vocabulary tool that allows students to make sense of unfamiliar words on their own.  You can really create any boxes you think are applicable to the lesson, or their learning.  For me, I always start with a definition box.  This gives the kids a place to identify a meaning of the word in their own way.  

I stay away from dictionary usage as the standard definition usually doesn't mean anything to the student, especially those with language barriers.  Other boxes include a place for students to come up with examples or associations of the word, a place for a unique sentence that demonstrates an understanding, and a place for visual students to draw something (example or association) that connects them to the word itself.  This also serves as a great assessment piece as students who do not have a basic understanding of the word will struggle with the activity. 

  How to use the Frayer Model
  Intervention and Extension: How to use the Frayer Model
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What is Matter?

Unit 7: States of Matter
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Objective: SWBAT identify that all things are made of matter and will create their own definition of matter.

Big Idea: Students need to understand complex vocabulary in their own way. This lesson allows them to make sense of the word matter in their own terms.

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