Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Wave Quiz Prep - Section 3: Students Self-Assess on Wave Content


Sometimes it is a struggle to get students to prepare for a quiz. They might flip through their notes, but often not much more than that. The foldable is a great tool to get students to review a unit. They have to look through their notes and other resources such as the textbook in order to fill it in.

I think one reason this strategy is so successful is that students enjoy the process of making their foldable. It gives them a product that orgainzes the unit and they have to make decisions on where to put specific content. I also think that students like the design. There is something about opening the flaps to reveal the content that students like. As they get ready to leave the room, several students are so proud of their Wave Foldable, they want to make sure I get a picture of it!

  Student Self-Assessment: Wave Foldable
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Wave Quiz Prep

Unit 5: Waves
Lesson 10 of 15

Objective: Students prepare a study guide on waves that summarizes content from the past several classes in preparation for a quiz.

Big Idea: Wave properties and behavior are easier to remember when the information is organized and categorized.

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