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Throughout a lesson, I use two main types of seating arrangements for classroom management purposes.  Different seating arrangements provide focus and also give students movement opportunities.  

The first is what I call "Reading" spots.  When students are on the rug, and I am sitting in my chair at the easel to the side, students move as close to me as possible.  I use this strategy mostly for read aloud's and for shared writing when we make charts and record our discussions on the easel.  This is an intimate setting that brings us together.

The second is called "Row" spots.  Here, students have assigned seats in a given row.  Their focus is towards the screen or board, and although we have discussions from these locations, they are not the best for facilitating conversation.  However, this arrangement is perfect when materials (like journals or books) are on the rug with us.

  Classroom Setup: Seating Arrangements on the Rug
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Patterns of Daylight

Unit 6: Space: Part 2
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT describe patterns of the sun that lead to more sunlight in the summer.

Big Idea: Walking on sunshine! Let's focus on the sun today, including its movement and the effects.

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Science, season, pattern
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