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The Learning Ambassadors protocol is one I use in nearly every unit of my courses.  Once students understand the format, this protocol can be an excellent teacher move to quickly organize student-lead inquiry processes.  However, the increase in student self-direction means that there are many more needs that a teacher must meet-so many that the task of supporting all students quickly becomes impossible for a single educator in the classroom.  One takeaway I had from this lesson is that modeling an great guiding question save an enormous amount of time and energy.  By the time I taught this lesson to my final cohort, I had modified the structure to better reflect the ideas from my initial wonderings in the previous lesson.  In fact, in doing some additional research about the teaching of guiding questions development, I was struck by just how difficult this task seems to be for adolescent and adult learners.  In my next iteration of this course, the capacity to develop guiding questions will be a skill I highlight.

RESOURCE: The attached pdf from Boulder Valley School District describes guiding questions and their development in the context of a Socratic seminar.  I am interested in building a similar resource for the STEM classroom.

  Student Led Inquiry: Supporting students' individual learning pathways with a documentary film
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Environmental justice (3 of 3)

Unit 3: Environmental justice
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Objective: Students will be able to 1) ask and answer questions of a documentary film; 2) communicate information about environmentalism to peers; 3) evaluate Sunset Park through the lens of environmental justice.

Big Idea: Environmentalism is a form of social action against perceived injustice. How might we use our conceptual understanding of environmentalists' strategies to identify the causes, effects, and potential solutions to environmental injustice in Sunset Park?

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environmental justice
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