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I love controversial topics, especially with eighth graders when "logic" doesn't always determine the course that arguments take. Climate change is one of those topics that parents question me about on parents night, typically asking if I will allow students to make up their own minds (as if anything else was possible). Of course students make up their own minds, but I work to make that as challenging as possible, often arguing both sides of the controversy!

I look at my role in this as the one who ensures a variety of questions are asked and time is given for students to find information they can use to support their own ideas - after all, they are the ones who will be living in this future. I don't let the idea of controversy stop me from covering a topic  I find a way to approach the topic in a way that is highly interesting to students and allow them to ask (and find answers to) all the questions they develop as they work. We work on determining quality of resources and respecting the opinions of others - both essential skills.

  Controversial Topics
  Student Ownership: Controversial Topics
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What Are We Coming Home To? (Part 2)

Unit 10: Design a Resilient, Self-Sustaining Community
Lesson 2 of 11

Objective: SWBAT explain the potential impacts that the rise in global temperatures can have on the Earth and our way of life.

Big Idea: Students use their research skills to determine all of the ways that global warming can impact life on Earth.

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