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When I first introduced this book to a class, it seemed that many of the students were familiar with it. I imagined that the familiarity would make a prediction activity less than useful. But then I wondered what students really remembered. Those students who had read the book recalled the basic narrative, and that knowledge allowed them to find more telling details in the cover illustration and make inferences at a higher level. Instead of noting that the girl has a different color skin color than the people in the crowd, they noticed that she was wearing a new dress, and that she appeared to be poor. They made the connection that you dress up on the first day of school and inferred not only that her parents wanted her to look good, but also that it probably was her only nice dress. This is great work! Even if students have already read the book, the prediction activity can be fruitful.

  Student prior knowledge
  Lesson Planning: Student prior knowledge
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What? Getting Students to "Feel" a Story

Unit 1: Literary Analysis: Reading for Meaning, Evidence, and Purpose
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Objective: SWBAT...students will be able to make predictions about "The Story of Ruby Bridges" using details on the front and back cover of the book

Big Idea: By creating feelings and connections with characters in a text, readers become more involved in story events

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