Reflection: Lesson Planning Solving trigonometric equations with graphs - Section 2: Using Graphs to Determine Solutions


This year I was under some pressure to complete topics identified by a dual credit curriculum. This required me to teach some extra topics and rush through lessons that are really important.  Understanding how to solve graphically and seeing how an equation can have multiple solutions helps students determine solutions. This lesson was short changed this year.  I was not able to delve into the lesson as much as I usually do.

Some key ideas students started to realize were the importance of the functions period  when determining the number of solutions and how using the vertical stretch and shift could also be  if an equation has a solution. Those ideas can help students when reasoning about the answer.

I want to spend more time on this next year to do this I will need to analyze other lessons in my course to see which ones should be deleted.  This will take time and each year students are different so changes can be made.

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Solving trigonometric equations with graphs

Unit 10: Solving Equations
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT use graphs to identify the solutions to trigonometric equations.

Big Idea: Knowing the appearance of the graph of a trigonometric equation helps determine the number of solutions a trigonometric equation will have over a given interval.

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Math, Solving Trigonometric Equations, System of equations., graphing trigonnometric functions
  35 minutes
graphing equations
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