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I have talked to some teachers who are nervous about doing this activity. This is a great and engaging activity. The current involved is small and the is no real risk to students or their electronics. Students who have a heart condition or pace maker should sit this one out or if they don't want to they can observe. The biggest issue I have ever encountered in 10 years of doing this activity is that students want to keep doing the discharge chain again and again. I usually limit it to 2 or 3 times.

I think in the future, I will separate the class into two smaller groups to make the discharge chain. By doing that, if some one wants to or needs to sit out the activity, no one will notice and they won't be alone sitting there while the rest of the class does the discharge chain.

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All Charged Up

Unit 4: Electrostatics and Circuits
Lesson 2 of 16

Objective: Students make charge diagrams that show how charge flows through a system.

Big Idea: Charge stays in place on an insulator and charge is free to move around on a conductor.

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electrostatics, Science, electrostatic attraction, circuits (Tech and Eng), physics, charge, electrons, Insulator, conductor
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