Reflection: Relevance A Phone of the Future - Section 4: Presentations Over The Next Days


This lesson provides an opportunity to connect, problem solve and use their imaginations to create a product. I noticed how easily they adapted their ideas to create a phone and how quickly they set to work with the right set of reasoning behind it. Identifying the need to solve some things that bother them about cell phones really connected the science/engineering and real world. They were engaged throughout the whole process. '

Their Story Kit presentations about knocked my socks off. They turned out better than I ever imagined. 

  Awesome Imaginations!
  Relevance: Awesome Imaginations!
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A Phone of the Future

Unit 5: Energy
Lesson 2 of 11

Objective: Students use engineering skills to define problems with cellphones and create new designs that solve those problems.

Big Idea: Students create the phone of their dreams using engineering skills and develop a Story Kit app presentation to share their ideas.

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Science, Sound, Light, light wave, circuit, engineering, future telephones, presentation, integrating technology, public speaking skills, reflection, light energy, eye, kaleidoscope
  65 minutes
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