Reflection: Checks for Understanding All Charged Up - Section 5: My Favorite "No" with Charge Diagrams


My favorite "No" is a great way to deal with common student misunderstandings or mistakes. Often, when I display the mistake that the one student made, there are several others who made the same mistake. We discuss what misunderstanding may have led to that mistake and how to avoid it in the future. While we correct this one sample, all of the students who made a similar mistake have the opportunity to reflect on and correct their own work. This way, I do not have to correct the same mistake over and over. 

Also, it is essential that we start off with a review of what is good about that student work sample. There is always something good to point out and when start off with that, it makes receiving critisim easier. A general rule of thumb is to point out three positives for every one thing that could be improved.

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All Charged Up

Unit 4: Electrostatics and Circuits
Lesson 2 of 16

Objective: Students make charge diagrams that show how charge flows through a system.

Big Idea: Charge stays in place on an insulator and charge is free to move around on a conductor.

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electrostatics, Science, electrostatic attraction, circuits (Tech and Eng), physics, charge, electrons, Insulator, conductor
  50 minutes
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