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So...sometimes kids have really great background knowledge that I can take and add on to and run with. And sometimes I don't!!! I asked the question, "Where do magnets come from?" and I guess I didn't really think about what responses I would get but I got some perfectly first grade ones! One student said, "From the air". Others had different responses such as .

The lesson for me here is that no matter what background knowledge students have, the trick is getting them to share it. A good teacher can build from nothing - that's why we are teachers - but it really helps to have an understanding of what our students know, what they don't know, and what they misunderstand before we begin. That's why I find out about my students' background knowledge at the beginning of lessons!

  Trust and Respect: What to do with Background Knowledge
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Magnets in Nature

Unit 11: Forces and Motion: Magnets and Unseen Forces
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Objective: SWBAT describe natural occurrences of magnets including magnetic rocks and the Aurora Borealis.

Big Idea: Magnets are not just on refrigerators! They can be found in nature and are the cause of beautiful auroras!

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Science, First Grade, 1.P.1.2 Explain how some forces (pushes and pulls) can be used to make things move without touching them, such as magnets. , Forces, Magnets
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