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        This turned out to be a very exciting part of the lesson. I was able to steal a moment to apply the memory formation process to how students students are learning the material presented best. In later class blocks, I  essentially shared with students that memory formation dictates how well we learn things. I shared that I would present two videos to them that essentially conveys the same message: How Long Term Potentiation Occurs and Leads to Memory formation and that we are to perform a small experiment to learn which video teaches them this concept the best. I played the first 3-4 minutes of the first video and instructed students to summarize how LTP works and share their responses. I then played the second video in its entirety and instructed students to summarize how LTP works and share their responses. Hands down, students were able to recall more jargon and connect the process dots in between the words. In all, we discussed and learned that when various stimuli (sounds, visual cues, color) and repitition are presented in tandem with the content that it made it easier to experience LTP. It was worth mixing things up for! 

  Compare and Contrasting Modes of Memory and Learning!
  Continuous Assessment: Compare and Contrasting Modes of Memory and Learning!
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Making Memories with Glutamate!

Unit 6: Neurotransmitter Chemistry and Mechanism of Action!
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Objective: Students will gather information from a eye witness case study and video segments to synthesize a neuro-physiological explanation of memory formation.

Big Idea: Memories are the result of multiple factors that can influence the brain's architecture such as genetics, repetitive stimulation and the release of Glutamate. Said variety can lead to questionable eyewitness testimonies in court cases.

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