Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Introduction to Human Anatomy (Day 1 of 6) - Section 1: Hook - The Human Body In A Snapshot


Through this project with Better Lesson I have expanded my horizons and realized that I do not need to develop ALL of the content that is shared in my classroom.  With the implementation of the NGSS there is a wealth of curriculum resources that are being made available online each and every day.  I have become a huge fan of Paul Anderson's YouTube channel and like to use his video clips to introduce or review more complicated topics in our classroom.  Remember that to implement the NGSS you just need to reframe the great instructional strategies that you already utilize for your students.  My suggestion is to research the available resources and lessons that are offered to you through BETTER LESSON and the other online sites . . . don't reinvent the wheel!

  Do Not Reinvent The Wheel
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Do Not Reinvent The Wheel
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Introduction to Human Anatomy (Day 1 of 6)

Unit 9: Comparative Anatomy and Dissections
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT incorporate the expectations for their Body System Project into their collaborative efforts in their research and begin to conceptualize how each body system integrates to maintain homeostasis.

Big Idea: Today is Day 1 of our collaborative group project. Students will organized into their groups, select their topics, and begin their research!

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