Reflection: Modeling Verifying Transformation Definitions - Section 2: Independent Practice


After my first time teaching this lesson, and seeing the student work, I realized that I was not getting the level of precision (MP6) I wanted from students. This made me realize that students had not seen enough of what precision looks like in this context. So I decided to do some modeling to show the level of precision I expected. 

The following video shows the type of coaching and modeling I provided before I asked students to revise their work.


  Modeling Precision
  Modeling: Modeling Precision
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Verifying Transformation Definitions

Unit 4: Defining Transformations
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT use dynamic geometry software to verify the definitions of transformations

Big Idea: Calling for backup...In this lesson, students bring in the heavy artillery- dynamic geometry software- to reinforce the definitions of translations, reflections and rotations.

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