Reflection: Modeling Defining Rotation - Section 2: Self-Guided Activity


I choose student exemplars, partly because I want to show the class correct answers. But beyond that, I show student exemplars because students are more likely to believe that they can achieve things that they see their peers have been able to achieve. 

So it is important to deal with these opportunities to inspire students to aspire to the level of their peers very intentionally. I try to explain one aspect of this in the video that follows.


  Targeted praise on exemplars communicates expectations
  Modeling: Targeted praise on exemplars communicates expectations
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Defining Rotation

Unit 4: Defining Transformations
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT explain that in rotations, all points are rotated through congruent angles with congruent radii.

Big Idea: You got me goin' in circles...

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