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In this particular activity the ideal group is one of varying abilities. I first want students to try answering the questions independently, then discuss these as a whole group. If grouped by ability, struggling students, including ELLs may be mocked at, especially if faced with a question which nobody in the group can answer. 

Also, I carefully select the questions making all of them quite achievable, yet challenging. I like to make one pretty straight forward and the other 3 of gradual increasing difficulty. 

  Dividing Students into Groups
  Classroom Setup: Dividing Students into Groups
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Round Robin Review (Unit 4/L1-6)

Unit 4: Powers and Exponents
Lesson 16 of 16

Objective: SWBAT answer and discuss challenging "Standardized Test" type questions related to concepts covered in class..

Big Idea: Tackling questions in Round Robin fashion is a great way to review and practice for standardized exams.

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Math, Exponents, Powers, Standardized Tests, sat
  50 minutes
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