Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Rotational Symmetry - Section 2: Concept Development


Teaching this lesson reminded me that certain students are actually dormant in my classroom until they see a point of entry that plays to their strengths. In this particular section of the lesson, where students had the opportunity to create art work that involved rotational symmetry, I saw students who previously had been disengaged all of the sudden put time and effort into their work. They went home, got on the website to use the design tool, printed out their creations, and were very eager to turn in their work when they returned to school. 


Just another reminder that not all students respond to the same mode of instruction and some are waiting for an opportunity to express themselves in way allows them to use their strengths.

  Differentiation for Artists
  Diverse Entry Points: Differentiation for Artists
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Rotational Symmetry

Unit 4: Defining Transformations
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT create designs with specified rotational symmetry.

Big Idea: Turnabout Play is Fair...and Fun. In this lesson, students explore rotational symmetry.

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