Reflection: Student Grouping Peer Instruction Protocol (Central Dogma) - Section 3: Instructional Input/Student Activities


All too often the focal point of a class is on the teacher. I get a bit worried when my students aren't sharing, discussing, and/or asking questions. I want to know what their thoughts are (right, wrong, indifferent). Only then can I refine and extend correct understandings and help deconstruct and rebuild wrong ideas. The PIP allows me to shift the main emphasis on my students. To leverage what is known collectively in the class for the betterment of many. Here, students are discussing the criteria used to identify particular patterns of heredity to an amazing effect. I am biased to say so, of course!

  Student Grouping: Unleashing the power of peer instruction
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Peer Instruction Protocol (Central Dogma)

Unit 3: 4) DNA & RNA ("Instructions for Life")
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Objective: Students will actively review topics of study via a collaborative and student-centered discussion-based protocol.

Big Idea: Student talk can be leveraged to discovering answers together!

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Science, protein synthesis, RNA, discussions, Academic Vocabulary, nucleic acids, central dogma, DNA
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