Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Special Parallelograms - Section 1: Concept Development


One of the drawbacks to using PowerPoint presentations in class is that students can easily zone out and not really pay attention to the information in the presentation. 

For this reason, I chose to insert several points for students to discuss what they have seen on the PowerPoint. After teaching the lesson, I can say that this structure worked well. Students paid attention to get the information that they knew they would have to discuss later. And the discussions were lively because students had been prepared with the information they needed to have in order to engage in the discussions.

The structure of the student talk also contributed to its effectiveness. I put students in pairs and there is an A partner and a B partner. Every student talk instance specifics when each partner is supposed to talk and what they're supposed to respond to. Adding sentence frames also helped. While frames seem like a small thing, it really made a difference because it forced students to use very precise language. I suspect the sentence frames gave students license to speak in a precise and rigorous manner in which they wouldn't have spoken on their own either because they lacked the knowledge or lacked the comfort to speak in that manner on their own.

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Special Parallelograms

Unit 5: Quadrilaterals
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT define rectangles and rhombuses and apply knowledge of their distinguishing properties.

Big Idea: Dare to be extraordinary...In this lesson, students learn about the definitions and properties of special parallelograms

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Math, Geometry, Polygons, properties of quadrilaterals
  60 minutes
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