Reflection: Rigor Parallelogram Definition and Properties - Section 1: Concept Development


A lesson on the definition and properties of parallelograms could be perceived as lacking rigor. I tried to add rigor to this lesson by focusing on the mathematical practice of classification, one of the most important practices in geometry. This concept of class also has leverage in subjects such as biology, chemistry, and computer science. 


Another way I tried to add rigor was by focusing on the difference between definitions and properties. This is also an important distinction that has leverage in multiple contexts. It's also a distinction that many students miss. In geometry, it is important to understand what does and does not constitute a definition. This is knowledge that will be valuable to students well beyond this particular lesson.


So while this lesson does not have a whole lot of complexity, it does have some important and foundational concepts that can played up to give it some rigor and complexity.

  Adding rigor by focusing on practices and broader themes
  Rigor: Adding rigor by focusing on practices and broader themes
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Parallelogram Definition and Properties

Unit 5: Quadrilaterals
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: SWBAT define parallelogram and apply the four properties of parallelograms

Big Idea: Members Only...Exploring what makes a parallelogram a parallelogram.

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Math, Geometry, parallelogram, quadrilaterals, problem solving, reasoning and proof, Polygons, properties of quadrilaterals
  60 minutes
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