Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Proving Properties of Parallelograms - Section 2: Guided Practice


In this lesson, there are expert strategies that I want students to learn by observation. These are strategies I wouldn't expect students to discover on their own. For example, analyzing givens, deciding which triangle congruencies to use to prove a particular property, using the diagram to plan the proof, and determining which of a set of viable proof plans is most efficient.


The way I approached this in this lesson was by modeling a proof for students while being very explicit about each decision I made. By being explicit, I mean explaining what all of my options were and explaining why I chose the course of action I chose and not others. As I was doing this, I just kept in the back of my mind that students are watching and learning from this and they will mimic what they see. This made me very conscious and intentional about everything I said and demonstrated.

The activities in this lesson always begin with strong modeling, progress to scaffolded guided practice, and finally end with students in full control during guided practice. This approach worked well and gave many students access to proof-writing who had previously struggled significantly to writing proofs. This was my experience in my classroom and also the experience reported to me by a colleague who used these resources in her classroom.

  Gradual Release of Control
  Diverse Entry Points: Gradual Release of Control
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Proving Properties of Parallelograms

Unit 5: Quadrilaterals
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT formally prove three properties of parallelograms

Big Idea: You say this is your property....Prove it! It may sound like a land rights dispute, but in this lesson students are proving the properties of parallelograms.

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Math, Geometry, quadrilaterals, parallelogram, Polygons, properties of quadrilaterals
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