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When pulling multiple groups during centers, you need to find a way to call the needed students back to you.  I find this more difficult in math than during my reading centers because my math groups change more frequently.  My reading groups are "flexible groups" but I only move a few students around every week or so.  My math groups on the other hand are not as set.  I usually jot down names throughout an activity and quickly form groups based on my observations that day.  Two ways that I have found to call groups are as follows:

1. Stop everyone- Use a bell or noise maker to get everyone's attention and then call who you need for the group.

2. Have students get each other- Call your first group as stated in number one or at the very beginning of centers.  When your first group is finished, give each student the name of a classmate that they need to tell to come to small group.

I prefer to use the second way, so that everyone in the class is not disrupted every time my group changes.

  Classroom Management During Small Group Transitions
  Classroom Management During Small Group Transitions
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Exploring Less (Review)

Unit 1: Comparing and Sorting Objects
Lesson 15 of 17

Objective: Students will be able to compare groups of objects to determine which group has less.

Big Idea: Comparing the number of objects in two groups, using mathematical vocabulary, is a foundational skill that students will build on as they begin to compare numbers.

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