Reflection: Checks for Understanding Motion & Energy - Day 2 - Section 3: Practice


Formative assessment - or assessment for learning - strategies are those used to inform instruction. I use formative assessment frequently and in a wide variety of ways. Sometimes I ask my students to self-assess (the "fist-to-five" technique) their understanding of a topic or an idea. Today, my lesson featured two segments of formative assessment - once during the tail end of the content delivery, then later when students practiced problems. 

The key to any formative assessment is to guarantee that students understand that they are not being graded. The goal is to uncover student thinking and, if students feel insecure about revealing "wrong answers," they won't participate freely and the information about their level of understanding will be distorted.  

Finally, as this lesson comes just after a few days of state-wide testing and a few lessons before our final exam, students welcome the break from a more summative-type assessment. The practice they engage in today is actually a way to prepare for the final exam.

  Why use formative assessment?
  Checks for Understanding: Why use formative assessment?
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Motion & Energy - Day 2

Unit 6: Forces and Motion
Lesson 9 of 11

Objective: Students will extend their understanding of the conservation of energy as it applies to objects in motion subjected to frictional forces.

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