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Example 3 presented itself as a challenge for students. When I asked students which inverse operation they would use on 1/3a, they were confused by a fraction as a coefficient.  We discussed how coefficients aren't always whole numbers, but they are still being multiplied by the variable.

To help students understand how to perform the inverse operation of division, it will be useful to review the topic of dividing fractions.  Students needed to be reminded that to divide fractions you need to multiply by the reciprocal.  In the future, I will include a fractions division problem in the Do Now to review this topic.

  How do we deal with fractions?
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: How do we deal with fractions?
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Solving 2 Step Algebraic Equations

Unit 14: Algebra
Lesson 11 of 16

Objective: SWBAT solve 2 step algebraic equations.

Big Idea: Students use order of operations in reverse to solve equations.

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