Reflection: Co-Teaching Coulomb's Law - Section 4: Collaborative Problem Solving with Coulomb's Law


Many of my colleagues worry about consistency of variables when working with their students. Personally, I try my best to be as consistent with the College Board as possible, but I'm not always spot-on. In fact, the AP Physics 1 exam will accept 10m/s/s as an appropriate value for gravity, but old habits die hard and I consistently use 9.81m/s/s. In the answer key of the homework from this section, k isn't used to represent Coulomb's constant. However, because my colleague was nice enough to type a common answer key for us to share, I don't create more work for myself and retype his work. And, I remind my students that they must be ready and willing to look at the big picture of an equation and understand that different people or systems use different variables from time to time.

  Different Variables for Different Folks
  Co-Teaching: Different Variables for Different Folks
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Coulomb's Law

Unit 9: Electrostatics & Electricity
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: Students will explore the applications of Coulomb's Law by taking notes and solving practice problems.

Big Idea: Today, students calculate electrical forces using Coulomb's Law.

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